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Disco Balls
Soccer Ball-4-2.png

Nancy and Geoff Birnbaum will match any gift given by an individual who played for Geoff at any point. Their total contribution not to exceed $1000.

The 2024 Soccer Ball is the 2nd Annual celebration of grassroots youth soccer in Missoula, Montana.  There is a LOT to celebrate in light of the recent merger and formation of Strikers FC, along with new logos, uniforms, incredible staff, amazing kids and all-around general sense of excitement for the future.  That being said, will be celebrating the pasts of each former club, the present and what the future of Strikers FC will hold. 

Along with those sentimental portions of the evening, this is, first and foremost, the most amazing opportunity to dress up and celebrate our beautiful soccer community.  There will be food, drinks, music, dancing and plenty of time to chit-chat and get to know one another in a super fun atmosphere.  



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