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Strikers FC general scholarship fund is to available to any player or family that needs assistance with offsetting fees of club soccer.  Due to the volume of requests we have had over the 2023/24 season, Strikers FC has made the determination to require further financial information per scholarship request to better inform our decisions for each individual application. This is a more in-depth process, so please allow 7 business days for your application response. Application information is kept private and confidential. 


Scholarship application deadline for our Fall season is MONDAY, August 19, 2024 at 11:59p. 


**A scholarship can not be combined with other discounts (manager or coaching discounts etc).  These cannot be applied to any other financial assistance or discounts. One application per child.  Families with multiple children in our club will submit one application for each child.

Required Documentation for Scholarship Application:

COMPLETED Scholarship Application Form click here

If awarded a scholarship: Families must volunteer a minimum of 10 hours during the 24/25 season Please print out this sheet and get it signed by the event coordinator for each volunteer event.  Volunteer Hours Recording Sheet

Here are events for the 2024/25 Season:

Micros Tent during games (Fall and Spring opportunities)

Zootown Cup

Competitive Tryouts in November

Annual Event

Heartbreaker Cup

Strikers FC Bingo Night

Intermountain Champions Cup

“Mapping Your Current Financial Locale” is a sliding scale model used by Strikers FC that acknowledges and honors the reality of different financial experiences. Inspired by the “green bottle method” by Alexis J. Cunningfolk, using a sliding scale is an economic justice tool that enables participants to adjust payment based on access to resources.

Please take a moment to read through the sliding scale image and choose where you find yourself in this season and select the Locale which matches your financial situation the best.


Sliding Scale Graphic.png
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