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We believe in creating mindful and kind young adults with strong core values and we attempt to do this using soccer as our vehicle.  If you believe that sports can have a profound impact on shaping your child's character then Bitterroot Strikers is for you.  Your child will learn about commitment, adversity, determination, discipline, and respect just to name a few.  We develop technically and tactically proficient soccer players all while not neglecting the things that really matter in life.  We are confident that you and your child will be well served as a valued member of our community.  


While making team selections, our coaches and evaluators have deliberated with great care. We take much into account when making decisions on placements for each player. 


First, we always keep Strikers FCs' Purpose and Core Values at the heart of all decisions.  Purpose: To Foster Personal Growth through Soccer. 


Our Core values: P.R.I.D.E. | One Club, One Family |  (Prioritize the People, Be positively Relentless, Strive for Inclusivity, Prioritize Development, and expect and demand Excellence). 


All of these values have to be balanced among all athletes, especially within the context of each age group. We do not take these decisions lightly and understand the impact selections have on players. It is our hope that as parents you can help facilitate productive conversations with your children about their selection as opportunities for personal growth. Our coaches look forward to helping each of our players develop as people and soccer players this season.


Payment plans are available within GotSport registration.  Birth certificates and current player photos are required by Montana Youth Soccer.  If you have GotSport registration questions, please contact our Registrar,

PLEASE NOTE: Because High school soccer season runs during the fall and 8th graders can play with HS, our oldest age group in the Fall season will be 2011 birth years. If you have questions about this, please reach out to Bitterroot Director, Lindsay Dick.

Training will begin August 26

  • Girls 2012/2013 practice 3 x per week

  • Boys 2011/2012 practice 3 x per week

  • Coed 2014 and 2013/2014 boys practice 2 x per week

  • Coed 2015/2016 practice 2 x per week



Zootown (Missoula) 9/13-15

Sleeping Giant (Helena) 10/11-13







If you have questions about program details, please reach out to

Scholarships:  We are in the process of moving our Scholarship Application/Financial Aid processes over to the Strikers FC Board.

If you need financial help, please wait to register until our applications are open. 

GotSport Requirements for

Coaches and Managers



Financial Aid

If your family needs financial support, please click below to learn more about our scholarship process. 


Q: What is the difference between Academy and Competitive? 

A: Academy is supplemental training that has an emphasis on technical and tactical skills whereas competitive is team-based travel teams.  

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